Whitewater Trips in a "C" Boat through the Snake River Canyon provide wild to mild adventure for people of all ages.  This is a Class II/III whitewater.

For most of each summer, whitewater of moderate intensity provides plenty of bounce and splash for families with children as young as 6, and no upper age limit.  With a round trip time of about 4 hours, there are numerous departures from Jackson through out the day.  These smaller 8-man "C" Boats require a participatory involvement for all of the raft occupants, with more intensive paddling needed than in larger standard rafts.

For a less challenging version of this trip in a larger standard raft, please order:  Snake River 8-Mile Whitewater Adventure from Jackson Hole - Standard Raft

Please see below on this page for Covid-19 Procedures.

Rates - including tax

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Tour / Activity Details

3 to 3.5 hours - 8 miles
One or more daily departures between 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (Early May through September)
Times vary during season. Check Availability Calendar for specific times on individual dates. Check-in is 20 minutes prior to departure time.

Minimum age during low water season is 6, and age 10 during high water season.  Guests must weigh at least 45 pounds.  Ages of children must be noted in the Comments field on the order form.  This tour does not include hotel pick-up.  Please order online or call 212-852-4822 to order or for more information.

There is a $6.95 USD processing fee per order. This is a flat fee regardless of the number of tickets or tours purchased on an order. There is a service charge per ticket. This charge will be reflected on your summary before you checkout. The total shown at checkout includes any fuel surcharges, service charges and tax. There are no additional charges, unless otherwise specified.

Tour / Activity Policies

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds. All sales are final.

Change Fee Policy: If changes are allowed on a tour or activity, a $20.00 per reservation change fee will be applied for any change to a reservation. Please note that some tours and activities do not allow any changes. Date changes can only be made only if we can confirm availability on the new date. While we cannot guarantee any changes can be made, all change requests must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to the tour departure and must be handled on an individual basis through our Reservations Center.

Tour / Activity Description

Covid-19 Procedures

Multiple sanitation and safety measures are in place:

  • Social distancing 6’ radius 
  • Fully compliant with Teton County regulations
  • Limited capacity in buildings, rafts & transportation vehicles
  • Sanitizing PFDs, paddles, office spaces & transportation vehicles
  • Hand washing stations at boat ramps
  • You will be with other guests – if you prefer not to, please inquire about a private raft 

All trip times are subject to seasonal changes in water flow.

Brief periods of high water in mid-June may elevate the minimum age and suggest more careful screening of all participants. At normal water levels from about the third week in June throughout the rest of the summer, the minimum whitewater age for children is usually 6 years, or approximately 45 pounds, however an extended period of high water may dictate the elevation of minimum ages upwards to 9, 10, or 12 years of age through June, or even into early July following winters of unusually heavy snowfall.

Trip includes round-trip transportation from the meeting place in Jackson, protective outerwear (parkas and overpants), and life preservers, which must be worn at all times while on the water. For the colder water temperatures of early summer, and for rainy, cloudy, or windy days throughout the summer, wetsuits, wetboots and fleece are available on a rental basis, and may add significantly to your comfort. Under certain high water conditions, they may be required for children.

This tour travels Class II, and III rapids in an 8-person small raft.

What to Bring

  • Casual clothing such as lightweight shorts or slacks, and comfortable, soft-soled shoes are most suitable.
  • For the whitewater, wear clothing that you won't mind getting wet from spray and splashing waves. The synthetic fabrics available such as nylon shorts and fleece are perfect.
  • Shoes are required and will get wet. Please no flip-flops.
  • You may want to leave a dry sweatshirt or sweater on the bus for the return ride to Jackson.
  • Sunglasses or prescription eyewear require restraints.
  • Cameras, binoculars, and personal items subject to damage by water may be taken only at you own risk.

Waiver Required

  • Before going on any river trip, each guest must read, understand, and sign a Liability Waiver.
  • Parents or legal guardians must sign for any children.

River Rapid Class Rating System

  • Class I -- Easy - Water with riffles and small waves and few obstructions that are easily missed.
  • Class II -- Novice - Straightforward rapids with wide, clear channels. Some maneuvering required. Rocks and medium waves are easily missed.
  • Class III -- Intermediate - Rapids with moderate, irregular waves that are difficult to avoid with tight passages, strong eddies and currents.
  • Class IV -- Advanced - Intense, predictable rapids requiring precise boat handling, with some unavoidable waves and tight passages.
  • Class V -- Expert - Extremely long or very violent rapids. Drops may contain large, unavoidable waves and tight chutes with complex routes.

About Your Rafting Company

Why should I choose this Company? -- From the mid-1950's, these river trips have established a standard of excellence widely respected within the outfitting industry providing safe, exciting river adventure for more than one million clients, on river excursions of both scenic and whitewater character. The guides are seasoned river veterans and their knowledge of the Snake and Salmon River country, its wildlife and history will add to your enjoyment and enhance your time on the river. Your safety is their highest priority! No outdoor activity, however, is without some inherent risk, and you as a participant must acknowledge, and in substantial measure accept, that risk. All adult participants and parents or guardians of minor participants under the age of 18, must sign an Acknowledgement of Risk form approved by the Forest Service, and required by insurance. Authorized Permittee of the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Is previous experience required? -- No. These guides take many people who have never rafted before on these trips. The keys to a successful trip include the desire to be on a challenging trip and the ability to follow the directions of your guide.

Is rafting safe? -- Whitewater rafting is an outdoor adventure sport with an element of inherent risk and it is possible to be injured. Is it dangerous? No, but no reputable outfitter should tell you it is absolutely safe. The uncontrolled and sometimes unpredictable elements of a naturally flowing river are part of the thrill of whitewater rafting. The water levels and difficulty of the rapids are factors; but, statistically, you are much more likely to be injured playing basketball or skiing. An experienced outfitter familiar with the varying conditions likely to be encountered can greatly minimize the risks involved. The use of alcohol or illegal drugs before or during a trip is both illegal and forbidden. Anyone under the influence will be removed from a trip without refund.

What if it rains? -- Trips go rain or shine. Generally passing showers will not preclude your enjoyment of a whitewater river trip. Rarely, however, strong winds combined with unseasonably cold temperatures may require canceling or rescheduling of a trip. Though you may call your guides for discussion of weather prospects about an hour before trip departure time (contact info provided on your E-Ticket), in mountain country weather prognostications remote in time or distance from the planned event are usually unreliable. Please meet at the appointed time and place, and trust your guides not to intentionally inflict an unpleasant experience upon you.

How many people fit in a "C" Boat? -- Eight participants plus the guide.

Do I need to know how to swim? -- No. Your PDF (personal flotation device, or life jacket) is US Coast Guard approved and is designed to keep you afloat should you find yourself out of the raft.

Will I get wet? -- Yes!

Can we bring snacks? -- Guests are welcome to bring snacks on the bus. Water is available on the bus.

What about valuables? -- Guests should NOT bring valuables.

What about medical conditions? -- Use your common sense or that of your physician. Rafting is not recommended for persons with serious medical conditions such as heart problems, serious respiratory ailments, obesity or osteoporosis. Most handicapped persons can be accommodated with adequate advance notice. If you have specific concerns, please specify them on your order and the reservations staff will be glad to help you find a trip suitable for you. Failure to disclose serious conditions can result in injury or death. Bring any required medications with you and your guide will safely store them for you during your trip.

Is tipping expected? -- Tips are accepted and appreciated, but not expected or required. The guides are adequately compensated, but the difference between a good river trip and a great river trip is frequently the guide. If you are inclined to tip, a good reference is how you would tip in a restaurant.

Minimum age during low water season is 6, and age 10 during high water season.  Guests must weigh at least 45 pounds.  Ages of children must be noted in the Comments field on the order form.  This tour does not include hotel pick-up.  Please order online or call 212-852-4822 to order or for more information.

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